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Next Step Media Joins Forces with Finca Ananda to Elevate Their Digital Presence

Next Step Media is excited to announce our collaboration with Finca Ananda, a tranquil retreat center offering a range of transformative experiences. We are committed to providing a comprehensive package of marketing services, including logo and brand development, website design, social media management, advertising campaigns, photo and video production, and more.

The Project:

Finca Ananda is a serene haven providing various activities such as yoga, meditation, and hiking. Our goal is to create a cohesive digital presence that reflects their core values and peaceful atmosphere while showcasing their unique offerings.

Logo and Brand Development:

We will craft a logo and brand identity that captures the essence of Finca Ananda, creating a visual representation of their mission and values.

Homepage Design:

A user-friendly, visually appealing website will be designed, featuring event booking and payment system integration to streamline the reservation process for guests.

Social Media Design & Planning:

Our team will develop a strategic social media plan to engage with Finca Ananda’s audience and showcase their retreat experiences consistently.

Advertising Campaigns:

We will create targeted ad campaigns to attract potential guests interested in transformative retreat experiences at Finca Ananda.

Photo & Video Production:

Capturing Finca Ananda’s stunning location, accommodations, and activities through high-quality photo and video content, including aerial perspectives using drone technology.

Content Writing and Educational Materials:

We will provide compelling, conscious content for Finca Ananda’s digital platforms and supply resources for maintaining daily posting and homepage administration independently.

Automation Implementation:

Streamlining marketing efforts with automation processes, allowing Finca Ananda to focus on providing exceptional retreat experiences.


Next Step Media is thrilled to partner with Finca Ananda to enhance its digital presence and support its journey toward growth and increased visibility.

We’re eager to contribute to Finca Ananda’s success and foster a lasting partnership.